Tobias Rauscher: Fingerstyle Guitar Secrets

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And How Can It Help You To Become A Massively Better Guitarist?

In over 40 exercises you will learn how to master the most important modern fingerstyle techniques.

CHAPTER #1 - Percussive Guitar Playing Learn how to sound like two instruments at once.

CHAPTER #2 - Modern Fingerpicking Write impressive modern fingerpicking melodies.

CHAPTER #3 - Incorporating Harmonics Use harmonics beautifully in your songs.

CHAPTER #4 - Two-Hand Tapping Stun the audience and make playing much more fun.

CHAPTER #5 - Special Techniques Make your playing stand out and more interesting.

CHAPTER #6 - Tips & Tricks My best tips & tricks to play cleanly and confidently.

CHAPTER #7 - Secret Riffs Learn my best and unused secret riffs.

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